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Blocks are placeable items. SacredTools adds several different blocks.

Ores[edit | edit source]

Block Appearance Lowest Pickaxe Power Required Destroyed By
Raw Lapis.png Raw Lapis Raw Lapis (placed).png 65% Tango Tick1.png
Oblivion Shard.png Oblivion Shard Oblivion Shard (placed).png 225% Tango Cross1.png

Bricks[edit | edit source]

Block Appearance Mined With Destroyed by
Asthraltite Brick.png Asthraltite Brick Asthraltite Brick (placed).png Asthraltite Picksaw Tango Cross1.png
Ember Brick.png Ember Brick Ember Brick (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png
Oblivion Brick.png Oblivion Brick Oblivion Brick (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png
Thermal Brick.png Thermal Brick Thermal Brick (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png

Other Blocks[edit | edit source]

Block Appearance Mined With Destroyed By
Thermal Rack.png Thermal Rack Thermal Rack (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png
Flame Wood.png Flame Wood Flame Wood (placed).png N/A Tango Tick1.png
Ember Rock.png Ember Rock Ember Rock (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png
Scorched Sand.png Scorched Sand Scorched Sand (placed).png N/A Tango Cross1.png