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Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Obsidian Curse Obsidian Curse Flare Serpent (Expert Mode) Unable to use items Your hands have turned to obsidian 8 Seconds
The Serpent's Wrath] Flarium Inferno Flare Serpent High amount of damage over time Losing life 4/8 Seconds
The Serpent's Aura] The Serpent's Aura Flare Serpent (Second Phase) Spectre Armor set effect and Vampire Knives cant steal life Unable to absorb healing effects Until the end of the fight
Cooldown - Forged Fury Cooldown - Forged Fury Forged Fury Unable to use Forged Fury You cant use the skill 'Forged Fury' 1 Minute
Moon Curse Moon Curse After you use the Moon Emblem Unable to use the Moon Emblem Cannot use the Moon Emblem Until the end of the fight
Magical Exhaustion Magical Exhaustion The Lunarians (Nuba) 10% reduced magic damage Reduced magic damage by 10% 10 seconds
Pulverized Armor Pulverized Armor The Lunarians (Novaniel) Half armor points Your defense was cut in half 10 seconds
Novaniel's Charge Novaniel's Charge The Lunarians (Second Phase) Kills you if Novaniel is still active when this debuff runs out End the battle before its too late! 150 seconds
One with the Storm One with the Storm Wind Resistance Potion Mighty Wind immunity Its like the wind blows through you... 6 minutes
Pandolar's Blessing Pandolar's Blessing Ancient Waters +50 health, 2% increased regen, 10% increased damage The almighty Pandolars gave you a blessing... 5 minutes