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Town NPC

Pandolar Salvager.pngDecorationist.pngNubaFriendly.pngThe Challenger.png

Type NPC

SacredTools adds in 4 different NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that sell various items, such as the Decorationist selling decorations, and Nuba selling things like fragments and special materials for endgame items.

Furthermore, the Pandolar Salvager and The Challenger, have a special "Salvaged Items" and "Challenge" buttons respectively. These buttons are used for special interactions with the NPCs.

Town NPCs[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

NPC Acquired When Description Defending Weapon
Pandolar Salvager.png Pandolar Salvager A Pandolar Star has been used. Sells various useful pre-hardmode and hardmode materials and weapons, along with selling most of the music boxes in the mod. Has a special "Salvaged Items" button that, when clicked, gives various useful items depending on what requirements have been met. Pre-Hardmode - Pandolar Magic
Hardmode - True Pandolarra projectile
Post-Moon Lord - Cryodite Lance
Decorationist.png Decorationist Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. Sells various decorations, including paintings and various furniture. Night's Fall

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

NPC Acquired When Description Defending Weapon
NubaFriendly.png Nuba The Lunarians have been defeated. Sells all the different types of lunar fragments, along with selling late-game crafting materials and stations. She mainly uses Lunar Coins as a currency for her items. Nebula Magic
The Challenger.png The Challenger The Lunarians have been defeated. Sells various end-game weapons that are bought with Asthraltite Plating. Has a special "Challenge" button that when clicked, if you have a Challenge Medal in your inventory, will summon the boss of the same name at the position of the NPC. Ghrimorhas Type-2

History[edit | edit source]

    • Resprited Nuba and the Decorationist
    • Fleshed out the Panolar Trader's Salvaged Items System
  • 1.0:
    • Introduced The Challenger.
    • Introduced the Pandolar Trader's Salvaged Items system with only 1 item.
  • 0.23.3: Introduced the Decorationist.
  • 0.18.0: Introduced Nuba.
  • 0.10.0: Introduced the Pandolar Trader.
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