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Jensen's Talisman.png Cryodite Wings.pngQuasar Wings.png True Demon Wings.png Flarium Wings.png Cernium Wings.png Lunatic Wings.png Nanoplasmatic Wings.png Dan's Wings.png
Type Accessory
Tooltip Allows flight and slow fall

SacredTools introduces 9 types of Wings, with 2 being Developer Items.

Types[edit | edit source]

Wing Equipped Source Height
Rarity Value Notes
Jensen's Talisman.png Jensen's Talisman Jensen's Talisman (equipped).png 1 Flight Feather.png + 10 Soul of Night.png + 10 Soul of Light.png   @   Mythril Anvil.png 130 Rarity Level: 5 8 Gold Coin.png
Cryodite Wings.png Cryodite Wings Cryodite Wings (equipped).png Bought from the Pandolar Trader after the Lunatic Cultist is defeated. 143 Rarity Level: 8 8 Gold Coin.png
Quasar Wings.png Quasar Wings Quasar Wings (equipped).png 10 Luminite Bar.png + 14 Quasar Fragment.png   @   Ancient Manipulator.png 167 Rarity Level: 10 8 Gold Coin.png
True Demon Wings.png True Demon Wings True Demon Wings (equipped).png 1 Demon Wings.png + 10 Soul of Midnight.png   @   Oblivion Forge.png 250 Rarity Level: Oblivion 8 Gold Coin.png
Flarium Wings.png Flarium Wings Flarium Wings (equipped).png 60 Flarium Crystal.png + 45 Draconium Alloy.png   @   Flarium Anvil.png 300 Rarity Level: Flarium 8 Gold Coin.png
Cernium Wings.png Cernium Wings Cernium Wings (equipped).png 60 Cernium Crystal.png + 45 Dyranite Alloy.png   @   Cernium Anvil.png 300 Rarity Level: Cernium 8 Gold Coin.png
Lunatic Wings.png Lunatic Wings Lunatic Wings (equipped).png 20 Lunatic Essence.png + 35 Crystalline Lunar Bar.png   @   Lunatic Infuser.png 450 Rarity Level: Lunatic 25 Gold Coin.png
Nanoplasmatic Wings.png Nanoplasmatic Wings Nanoplasmatic Wings (equipped).png Mysterious Reward.png 999999 Rarity Level: Special 8 Gold Coin.png
Dan's Wings.png Dan's Wings Dan's Wings (equipped).png Mysterious Reward.png 999999 Rarity Level: Special 8 Gold Coin.png